01 Oktober 2009

USMC Requires EFV Immediately

1 Oktober 2009

The EFV is of a planing hull design for high speed across water and is constructed of 2519-T87 aluminium, a high-strength aluminium-copper alloy.(photo : USMC)

USMC Commandant Reiterates Support For EFV

LIMA, Ohio — In a whirlwind two-hour stopover here Sept. 30, U.S. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway did a walkthrough of General Dynamics’ plant where the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is built.

About 80% of the amphibious vehicle's mission is performed on land and 20% in water. (photo : USMC)

In an effort to save what is seen as an endangered program (Aerospace DAILY, Aug. 20), the Marines have been pitching the EFV as a multipurpose vehicle, with capabilities extending beyond forcible entry, for which it was originally designed. “We’re always looking to see what the EFV can give us the capacity to do,” Conway said. “We’re not going to spend this kind of money on a vehicle and think it has a single dimension capacity.”

The EFV has two waterjets, 58cm (23in) in diameter, for water propulsion, providing a water speed of 45.6km/h. (photo : USMC)

Conway pegged next spring as a time when the Marines may be able to breathe easier about the program. “By then, the Quadrennial Defense Review will have reported out and we’ll have had our necessary debate,” he said. Congress, too, will have had the chance by then to make its voice heard on the EFV.

The EFV vehicles will be launched from US Navy amphibious ships at a ship-to-shore distance up to 46km/25nm.(photo : USMC)

“By spring, we should be able to have a much clearer way ahead in terms of the future of the vehicle,” which could include reprogramming service money for it, Conway said.

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Gates Takes Aim at EFV
17 Oktober 2009

The EVC1 vehicle is linked to the US Marine Corp's C2I (Command, Control and Intelligence) and the USMC fire support. (photo : USMC)

The U.S. Defense Department will take a "hard look" at whether the U.S. Marine Corps' really needs the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) being developed by General Dynamics Land Systems (NYSE:GD).

The EFVP1 personnel variant can carry 17 fully equipped marines. (photo : USMC)

Development of the EFV began in 1996. The corps initially planned to buy 1,025 EFVs at a total cost of $8.5 billion. As the vehicle's cost increased to $13.5 billion, the planned procurement was trimmed to 593 vehicles in 2007.

EFV1 variant is fitted with a mk46 turret armed with a 30/40mm ATK mk44 Bushmaster automatic gun.(photo : USMC)

Addressing a military audience at the U.S. Naval War College today (April 17, 2009) Defense Secretary Robert Gates, said the Pentagon will take a realistic view of the need for combat amphibious landing in future conflicts. Reexamination of the need for EFV would be part of the planned quadrennial review Gates said.

Max speed on the road for EFV is 70 km/h (photo : USMC)

The Marine Corps was depending on the EFV to provide its future ship-to-shore combat amphibious capability, replacing its aging AAV-7 amphibious armored personnel carriers. The introduction of the EFV was part of the Marine Corps armored transport modernization plan - a proposed vehicle triad supporting future combat capabilities.

EFV during testing of fire protection. Integral spall protection is installed and blast-protected seats are fitted. The hull provides protection against armour-piercing rounds and fragmentation devices. (photo : USMC)

The fully amphibious EFV is designed to carry 18 marines from ship to shore, providing fire support with automatic cannon capable of engaging targets at 2,000 meters. The second tier will be provided by the Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC), a non-amphibious wheeled vehicle, capable of transporting and supporting eight marines in combat. The third vehicle in the triad is the highly maneuverable, wheeled Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) capable of transporting four to six marines.

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