26 Oktober 2009

New-Type China's Submarine Patrols in Deep Sea

26 Oktober 2009

The new-type home-made submarine (photo : Chinamil) 

No.330 submarine of a submarine flotilla of the East China Sea Fleet (ECSF) of the PLA Navy frequented the vast territorial seas in recent years. It has successfully accomplished dozens of major tasks such as equipment acceptance, test and long voyage and is dubbed as a “pioneer” of the new-type submarine of the PLA Navy.

No.330 submarine is a new generation submarine independently developed and produced by China. And it has such advantages as low noise, long underwater sailing time and advanced power as well as weapon and equipment system.

The reporters experienced a maritime exercise in a sea area not long ago. New-type submarine combat group with No.330 submarine as the leader concealed, broke through the blockade of the destroyer formation and anti-submarine military strength in the air and entered the attack position by adopting new combat method. “Direction and speed of the target are ascertained, a type of torpedo in 3# pipe gets ready to release!” As soon as the order of the captain was released, the torpedo left the pipe. Several minutes later, the torpedo hit the target accurately. This exercise symbolized that a new generation submarine of the PLA Navy has generated battle effectiveness.

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