12 Oktober 2009

Rosoboronexport Offers to Buy Back RMAF's 15 MiG-29Ns and Supply 6 Su-30MKM

12 Oktober 2009

Su-30MKM of the RMAF (photo : Defense Aerospace)

New Surprises At MAKS 2009 Expo

In Malaysia, Rosoboronexport State Corp has at last initiated discussions with MINDEF Malaysia aimed at buying back the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s (RMAF) remaining 15 MiG-29Ns (which have been progressively grounded since early this year) and in turn supplying the RMAF with an follow-on batch of six Su-30MKMs at a fair price.

If this deal is finalised, then the RMAF will eventually possess a total of 24 Su-30MKMs. Elsewhere, Russia will complete deliveries of an initial eight Su-30MK2s to Vietnam in 2010.

Russia and Vietnam had signed a $500 million contact for the sale of the eight Su-30MK2s last January. “The contract was signed in January, and we will fulfill it in 2009-2010,” Alexander Mikheyev, Deputy General Director of Rosoboronexport State Corp said during MAKS-2009.

Mikheyev added that Vietnam had already made several advanced payments under the contract and the deliveries would be made in two batches of four aircraft each.

Vietnam has also expressed interest in buying eight additional Su-30MK2s, and talks on a new contract could start in the near future.

Su-30MK2s are presently operational with China’s PLA Air Force, PLA Navy and the Indonesian Air Force.


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