27 November 2009

Australian MRH-90 Completes Maritime Trials

27 November 2009

Australia has become the first NH90 operator to certify the aircraft for service at sea. Above is an MRH90 during the naval trials on the amphibious ship HMAS Manoora. (photo : RAN)

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) conducts the world’s first maritime trials of the innovative MRH90 helicopter off HMAS Manoora [a Landing Platform Amphibious ship].

The month-long testing regime gauged the aircraft’s capabilities at sea through takeoffs, landings, munitions transfers and weight load carries.

The Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Trials Unit (AMAFTU), comprised of Navy’s elite test pilots, aero-systems specialists and aviation engineers, is the Australian Defence Force’s leading authority in First of Class Flight Trials (FOCFT).

Forty six MRH90’s are expected to enter service by mid 2010.

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