06 November 2009

DTI Has Developed the Rocket for Stability

6 November 2009

Thai's rocket & Missile technoly research development (photo TAF)

The development of DTI continues. It aims to develop missile systems in Thailand.

Executive Defense Technology Institute
or the DTI said that the Institute of Technology are working to develop missile systems, rocket project to secure a long-term project to establish Institute of Technology after the defense has the time now.

"We want to make this project a project that will enable Thailand to just take their own rocket technology, specifically that we must now import from overseas. The Institute has developed long-term Roadmap and improve the plan every year. "

The Defense Institute of Technology has been established by the Act establishing the Institute of Technology Defense have been selected by the Director of the Institute is completed. The first project of the Institute is developing the rocket several navigable. The researchers used technology, including assembly plants in the country.

Missile system development plans of defense technology institutions consists of several missile systems not navigable, multiple rocket systems, a navigation, ground to air missile, rocket screening, anti-warship missile, rocket battle tanks, surface to air missile, and air to air missile. The project is long since 2005 to 2015.

The Defense Institute of Technology also conducted a plant to support this project at Nakhon Sawan, too.

(Thai Armed Force)

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