02 November 2009

Sweden Set to Sail Ahead with Multirole Support Ship

2 November 2009

The vessel will have a multipurpose role as a replenishment, logistics, sealift and amphibious support missions (photo : Arsredovisning)

Sweden's Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) expects to begin the project definition phase for a purpose-built combat support ship next year intended to enter service in 2015 to meet a range of afloat replenishment, logistics, sealift and amphibious support missions.

The requirement for the new multirole vessel – given the designation L10 – was first identified by the Royal Swedish Navy in late 2005/early 2006 following a capability gap analysis performed by the Naval Staff in the headquarters of the Swedish armed forces. This pinpointed shortfalls in afloat logistic support, limitations on the deployability of the amphibious battalion, and an inability to support helicopter operations in the maritime domain.

Work to draft an outline staff requirement began in 2007. Speaking at the MAST 2009 conference in Stockholm on 22 October, Commander Kjell-Ove Schramm, L10 requirements officer, said that following an initial analysis phase, "the decision was taken that the requirements were to be stated for a single type of vessel for fleet logistic support and replenishment as well as providing the amphibious lift and sea lift role".

He added: "The multirole ship solution ... enables us to maximise our sealift capability, which is generally needed for a short duration during the initial phases of an operation, and then shift to the logistic support role, supporting both naval units as well as potentially units ashore if needed."

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