06 November 2009

Thai Launch 4x4 Armour Prototype

6 November 2009

The prototype of 4x4's vehicle shows at Defense & Security 2009 in Bangkok (photo : TAF)

Thai's company launch vehicle mailing rubber tires 4x4 models that are being developed. Company officials say to ThaiArmedForce.com that the company has developed a prototype of the mail car with rubber tires 4x4, period than two years in development, a performance of Thai design.

"Concept has recently completed development soon. Now the only remaining test field. After that we will offer to consider Thai armed forces. The expected export to overseas. The past has been interest from overseas customers fairly, "company officials said.

Interior of the vehicle (photo : TAF)

Prototype vehicle armor is 4-wheel car steering wheel right to use automatic transmission with air conditioning and type Run Flat Tire, customers can choose to modify the model of car. Such as, can be installed on the turret roof or extend the length of the rear car to transport troops in the mission.

The company has developed arm and another shot glass for installation on the car. The test with a 7.62 bullet, ammunition and a 5.56 two M885 and M198, which is successful as well. The company expects the car to meet the combat mission in rebellion or conquest.

Testing of vehicle with 7.62mm and 5.56 ammunition (photo : TAF)

The Thai Army has recently provided car REVA 4x4 mailing of 85 vehicles from South Africa to use in the three southern border provinces.

(Thai Armed Force)

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