09 November 2009

Thales Launched Detection for Thailand New Navy ships OPV

9 November 2009

BVT has won design for Thailand new OPV (photo : Thales)

Thales company of England has highlighted her launch detection system, which is installed on offshore patrol vessel of the new ship of Thai Navy.

Thales officials inform to ThaiArmedForce.com that system installed on offshore patrol vessel of the new ship of Thai Navy. Employment of Bangkok dockyard together with BVT Surface from the United Kingdom is the latest detection and advanced enough to meet the mission of the ship very well.

Thailand new OPV (photo : Thales)

The systems which Thales received a contract to provide this feature with the combat management TACTICOS using version control station MOC Mk3, the proof department (IFF) a TSB 2525, search radar surface - air a 2-dimensional, VARIANT work in frequency G-band (US C-band) and LPI (Low Probability of Intercept) I-band (US X-band) radar systems and above all calls Nick's fire control work in a district LIROD Mk2 frequency K-band (US Ka-band). A communications system including FICS (Fully Integrated Communication System) and connected devices of war are, ship together or CSI (Combat System Integration).

Navy signed a contract to provide new offshore patrol vessel ship in 2008 and BVT Surface win contracts. The boats will operate the dockyard navy MU's Navy.

Electronic system for Thai new OPV (photo : Thales)

In addition, Thales was also promised to deliver a combat management TACTICOS and Nick's call option to Mirador fire control install to the Bang Boat onshore patrol set from 994 to 996 are the new. To install the investigator gun ship sets ship Luang Sattahip that is under construction by the NA-18 will replace the existing Selex. The contract also includes access to various combat systems of all vessels (such as navigation systems, weapons, communications systems) to the Director of the battle also.

Thales and the Royal Thai Navy has a good relationship long. The Thai Navy weapons procurement system from Thales to install on multiple vessels of more than ten copies of the Thai Navy.


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