06 April 2010

Keel Laying T.995 and T.996 Patrol Boats

6 April 2010

T- 991 series patrol boats as locally made boats is very proud of Thai people, so that made stamps and postcards. (photo : siamstamp)

On April 5, Navy has put keel ceremony hull patrol boats T.995 and T.996. This event is a continuation after Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn event's that have come to put keel of T. 994 since 21 March.

T. 994-996 with several changes from the ship set T. 991-993 related posts only change the positioning of the new room . Plan changes for weapons systems that may be installed to release the weapon against small warships in the future.

Navy, presented this project (near the shore patrol boats) for 84th Anniversary Commemoration of His Majesty who has contributed significantly to the success of this series of ships. And it is the success of development and self-reliance of the military industry and shipbuilding in Thailand.

This set will ship on a small patrol boat to replace the older version used for many decades. The plan may be out of all the 15 craft, together with the details from design to testing to be on the boat are made by skilled Thai people.


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