02 April 2010

Thailand Can Improve Laser Sistem on Stingray Tank

2 April 2010

Laser Range Finder on Thai's Stingray light tank (photo : ThaiRath)

Managing Director KCP Associates Ltd said the company has been doing maintenance of Army equipment. One of those is M32/Commander Stingray light tank that even 3 to 4 major equipment company can use the Thai engineers maintenance and create new equipment to replace.

However, the device 1 is critical to the overall system is laser distance measurement system (Laser Range Finder), it is a secret military technology, very defect problem and deterioration of equipment in light and defect of power electronic devices.

Foreign companies that manufacture equipment would not disclose details of the technology used. Maintenance is made with difficulty. And the company have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Saran Det achievement researchers from NECTEC with expertise in optical technologies and maintenance and teach skills with the Thai people.

Chor Pong said this is why the fire control systems that control the electrical system electronics and systems work steps of the standard light tank M32/Commander Stingray with a test firing of tank guns. Various strategies in the fight that work is satisfactory. Missile to target accurately. Squadron and the practice field satisfaction is significant. The performance of laser measuring equipment returning the same almost 99%.

Dr. Det said NECTEC provided technical advice information, only the system measuring laser (Laser Range Finder) that the weak feature limitations and maintenance problems solved. Thais are proud can rely on themselves. Do not rely on technology from abroad all the time and reduce the loss of money out of the country.

(Thai Rath)

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