19 November 2012

Indonesian Navy Ordered Six VITESSE Mark II Class FIB

19 November 2012

The fast interceptor boat was designed with airventilated triple step hull, max speed 60 knots (all photos : Navy Recognition)

The VITESSE Mark II is a high speed military delta conic airventilated triple step hull interceptor type vessel made in Indonesia. It is a joint project between PT. Rizki Abadi and PT Royal Advanced Fiber (RAF boats). It was designed following a special request from Indonesian Special Forces for Anti-terror and interception missions.

As per Indonesian Navy requirement, the VITESSE Mark II can sustain speeds of 35 knots in 2 meter high waves. Following some tests, the Indonesian Navy Research & Technical department certified this vessel. Indonesian Navy ordered six VITESSE Mark II class interceptors with the first delivery expected to take place in 2013.

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