06 November 2012

Russia Ready to Sell Su-34 for Vietnam?

06 November 2012

Su-34 predicted to replace Su-22 tactical-bomber (photo : fyodor borisov)

(PhunuToday) - Radio Phoenix and Sina.com.cn website of China and Russian newspaper "Periscope 2" say that whenever Sukhoi Su-34 is allowed to export then the order from Vietnam will be accepted immediately.

A report from the website "periscope 2" published on 18.10.2012, the Vietnamese Air Force constant development in recent years with the emergence of a wide range of modern weapons.

In addition, this paper also said that the Vietnamese Air Force will be equipped with the bomber Su-34, if Russia allows export of Su-34, the order from Viet Nam will be approved immediately.

JAS-39 Gripen predicted to replace MiG-21 medium-light fihter (photo : air attack)

With the appearance of the Su-34 that would be a reasonable alternative to replace Su-22 bomber,  this type of bomber was too old for the country's Air Force. Vietnam also plans to replace the MiG-21 fighter aircraft and replaced by the Swedish Aircraft JAS-39 Gripen.

Russian media say Vietnam Air Force training very seriously. The military, after 18 months of military service, introduced for the Air Force when they sign up volunteers for the force.

Each year, about 3,000 soldiers presented to the Air Force, but only 150 were selected. And finally, only about 1/3 of which is to become military pilots.

Yak-130 predicted to replace L-39 fighter-trainer aircraft (photo : flightglobal)

"Periscope" said the official figures on the number of military personnel serving in the Air Force never be disclosed, and any of a potential rival could not assess the real situation of Vietnamese Air Force.

Vietnam also organize and direct integration of multi-level air defense network can exchange data between non-levels systems.

With 80 advanced radar systems can lead to about 3200 units of missile defense, target designation for all air defense forces (referred to as "mobile air defense missile system").

Airbus Military EC-295 predicted choosen as airborne early warning aircraft (photo : uk airshow)

Vietnamese Air Force has developed ambitious modernization program, including the deployment of four air regiments equipped with Sukhoi fighter, is preparing to import 45 fighters Su -27 and Su-30, it became the backbone of the power of the Vietnamese armed forces.

Vietnam will also to replace L-39 trainer aircraft with Yak-130. Vietnamese government selects Yak-130 and ready for procurement of 12 aircraft in 2015-2025. Vietnamese Air Force may consider to upgrade and modernize the training aircraft L-39 to ALCA L-159.

In addition, to enhance the strength, the Vietnamese Air Force need to further strengthen the effectiveness, and captures the advantages of network electronic warfare, the Vietnamese Air Force also consider buying at least two early warning aircraft, reported that CASA EC-295 would be the most likely choice.


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