03 November 2012

New Zealand Company will Produce Sealegs Boats with Wheels In Russia

03 November 2012

Sealegs the boats with wheels (all photos : Izvestia)

Russian company "Logoprom" plans to open in Russia the production of boats New Zealand company Sealegs, can overcome shallow water with the wheels. These boats do not require piers and can move from one reservoir to another. With this design, the boat on wheels will be invaluable for water patrols and lifeguards.

As told to "Izvestia" Deputy Chief Interior Troops of Russia Yury Babkin, wheeled police boats will be used to patrol the area with plenty of water, such as in Siberia.

“We will be able to transfer from one body of water patrols to another, without using additional hardware. Now we have to overload the boat on the machine, and then upload them back to a nearby pond. This is not very convenient” said Babkin.

According to him, as soon as the Interior Ministry will check the characteristics of the boat in extreme conditions.

“Negotiations are under way to take it from the manufacturer to sea trials and to look in other climatic conditions, on other grounds, such as sand. Besides, we still confuses price and cross” said Babkin.

According to him, the demonstration at the exhibition "Interpolitech" cutter wheel fell into a hole in the road and "sat down on his belly."

“He has a pretty little clearance, so you need to check how it will behave on the steep banks, on the bumps and potholes” said Babkin.

The representative of "Logoproma" Maxim Margiev told "Izvestia" that the other test sites showed the ability to climb the boat on an inclined surface (30 degrees).

“This is a very serious indicator, like a tank” said Margo.

According to him, the production of boats will be deployed in one of the 10 Russian shipbuilding companies, which are now considered by the company.

“Production of small vessels is in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rybinsk, Samara, the main condition - provide features incorporated by developers. For quality control, we either invite a representative here Sealegs, or send our staff for training in New Zealand” said Margo.

According to him, the Russian representative plans to collect about 100 boats a year, it takes a total of 20 professionals.

Now Sealegs boats are between 4.5 million (6.1 meters long) and 8 million (7,1-10 m) depending on the configuration and the installed equipment. Experts note that the localization of the production price can be reduced by 40%.

“The price of the huge impact fees as a foreign boat. That is about 40% of the price. When will open production in Russia, fees will not be and the price will fall” told "Izvestia", the representative of the Russian Union of yachting, Director Yacht Club "Green Island" Sergei Hmyrya.

Sealegs boat with three wheels arranged on the bottom, not terribly shallow. He can roll out to the shore alone and does not require constant maintenance on the quays. For the transport of long-distance calls in the boat on the trailer itself.

On the water Sealegs driven four-stroke Yamaha outboard and a two-stroke Evinrude. The most economical option with a capacity of 115 hp boat can reach speeds of 65-70 km/h, the most powerful motor of 225 hp accelerates it to more than 100 km/h Fuel used - 92 th or 95 th gasoline, depending on the mode and style of locomotion boat consumes from 13 to 50 l/h.

To move around the boat land uses an additional 24-hp engine mounted in the hull of the boat, which allows the boat through hydraulic speeds of 10-15 km/h.

In New Zealand production in the factory is from 2007. Boats become Malaysia, India, Canada, USA, UK. At this point in the year is about 300-350 boats. Boat length 6.1m weighs 1.29 tons, 7.1 m - 1.39 m recommended load, including crew and cargo - 700 kg.

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  1. Dear Sirs, I' m a representative of Logoprom Company.

    We are grateful for your coverage of our unique product, however, it's a pity to read this awkward translation and mistaken names - we don't have a Margo in our team, the name of our specialist is Maxim Margiev as you've indicated in the paragraph above.

    Still we are pleased for the interest taken in our boats. They are really amazing and soon they'll prove it to our customers.

    Best regards,


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