09 November 2012

Japan Proposed Indonesia Amphibians

09 November 2012

Shin Maywa US-2 amphibian (photo : robotpig)

Japan's defense ministry offered Indonesia ShinMaywa amphibians US-2, according to Jane's. According to the company Eiiti Negisi (Eiichi Negishi), interested in the Indonesian military aircraft. Preliminary talks have already been held, however, is probably a direct purchase of equipment will not be performed.

Currently, the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia is preparing requirements for new amphibious aircraft to be procured on the basis of the relevant tender. When exactly will be a competition, is still unknown. Indonesia intends to use the amphibious aircraft for search and rescue operations as well as to monitor the territorial waters.

According Negisi, ShinMaywa became actively involved in the international market, as sales of the company's aircraft in Japan is extremely small. In November 2011, the Japanese government allowed ShinMaywa engage in export activities, allowing the company to take part in the Indian tender.

US-2 aircraft at the length and wingspan of 33 meters capable of speeds up to 560 kilometers per hour and fly at a distance of 4.7 thousand kilometers. The aircraft can carry up to 20 passengers.

It should be noted that shortly after Japan authorized ShinMaywa do exports of military and dual-use items, the government eased the ban on military exports, in effect since 1967.

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