07 April 2015

Admire the EC-225 Helicopter of $ 600 billion in Vietnam

06 April 2015

EC-225 Super Puma Mk-II operates by Helicopter Corporation of Vietnam (photo : kienthuc)

EC-225 helicopter is one of the most modern transport that Vietnam is equipped with about $ 600 billion VND. 

EC-225 is one form of transport helicopters versatile that Vietnam Ministry of Defense to buy from the company to equip Eurocopter Corporation helicopters and Navy. It is rated as one of the modern helicopter range in the world today, which cost about 600 billion VND.

Helicopter Eurocopter EC-225 Super Puma Mk II + can meet a variety of tasks (passenger - VIP, search and rescue, aircraft serving exploitation of oil and gas on the sea and the need to be able to do the tasks of defense). According to the manufacturer, Eurocopter is designed to perform well on special duty at sea.

According to the manufacturer, EC-225 is t Hiệt, based on the Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma with some improvements on five main rotor blades to reduce vibration. The helicopter is equipped with two Turbomeca Makila 2A1 turbine engine (one form of gas turbine engines) mounted through the cabin. 

The aircraft has one of the outstanding features of the system electronics and control system against freezing by heating the engine at the level of control over the activities of the cold climate to a cold. A further improvement of the EC-225 is the installation of modern control panel in the cockpit with integrated liquid crystal display.

There are four system configurations designated by Eurocopter EC-225 for the include:
- Version passenger transport is arranged with 19 seats for passengers and can be arranged with high density in order to increase the number of passengers can carry up to 24 people
Slab of VIP passenger transport with 1 capsule with 8 seats to expand the area to create a spacious
- Version Emergency (EMS) structure includes 6 stretcher position and 4 seats for medical staff
- Version Rescue (SAR) configuration enables devices placed rescue service includes 1 seat for rescue workers to observe, 8 seats for the staff or the victim rescue stretcher with 6 cavity no yet.

EC-225 turbine engine assembly 2 Turbomeca Makila 2A1 shaft mounted through the cabin, allowing the helicopter to reach a maximum cruising speed 275,5km / h, 857km range, ceiling bay 5.900m.

Currently, Vietnam Ministry of Defence has purchased a total of 6 units EC-225 , with 4 units equipped Helicopter Corporation of Vietnam (aircraft serving the oil and gas, rescue) and 2 units for the Vietnamese Navy South (reconnaissance, rescue).


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