13 April 2015

Sweden Offers A-36 Submarine to Thailand Navy

13 April 2015

Saab AB A-26 class submarines presentation for the Thailand Navy on 2 April this year (photo : TAF)

When the recent acquisition of Saab AB in Sweden from ThyssenKrupp shipyards Germany this makes Sweden's Kockums capacity in the submarine again.

A-26 class submarines, which are still being designed and developed which is expected to the replacement Gotland submarine class Sweden have 3 active aircraft, but the project has not progressed much since the conflict between the Sweden Defence Materiel Organization or FMV with ThyssenKrupp which owns Kockums and A-26, while the ship was at Saab AB after Kockums acquired from ThyssenKrupp, makes the A-26 might have hope again.

The boats Type-612 which is a submarine A-26 with 4,000 tonnes of normal ship A-26 of 1,900 tons was not chosen by the project submarine replacement of Collins class submarines of the Australian Navy. The Australian argues that Sweden has no experience in submarines for many years, although Kockums will ever designed Collins ship to be the current Saab and Damen Shipyards collaborated update boat Type-612 to compete in Project of Walrus class submarine replacement of the Royal Navy facilities.

The A-26 is expected to ship in theThailand Navy probability ships A-26 in the latter case is 1,900 tons and installation of AIP.

To There is a boat from Sweden, Germany, Russia, China and South Korea offered to participants in the procurement of submarines of the Royal Thai Navy. It is expected that the proposed project may Navy submarine in fiscal 2015 or 2016.


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