03 April 2015

DTI Test Fired DTI-1G MLRS

03 April 2015

Test fired DTI-1G (all photos : DTI) 

Page of the Institute of Defence Technology (ITD) published a multi-barreled rocket test DTI-1G, which is a multi-barreled rocket development project from DTI-1 by Page said the success of a good shot.

Shooting comprising 1 to 4 shots and firing shots into the target data indicate that the missile strikes by all calculated. By a rocket is shot 150 kilometers from the images published with the notice that is different from the car fired a shot of DTI-1 and are equipped armor technologies while shooting.

For Rocket DTI-1G that DTI will be delivered to the Army on 3 systems by the year 2017 by the action of several rockets caliber DTI-1G is divided into two phases: Phase 1 is the transfer of technology from friendly countries. trained in key technologies such as missile systems design technology. Building a model car and truck the launch rocket. Parents rocket assembly A training applications. 

The maintenance of fire testing and inspection documentation various technical Phase 2 is a supply Chasis and design create shielded cabin (Amour Cabin) to develop a prototype vehicle launching rockets and missiles. The development of the rocket assembly plant, including templates (GAT) to provide the necessary tools to prepare for reverse engineering. To continue delivering multi-barreled rocket DTI-1G to the Army by the year 2017 the following 3 system.


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