17 April 2015

SoKor-Donated Landing Craft Unit to be Delivered this Year

17 April 2015
ROKN LCU (photo : KDN)

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Navy (PN) announced that the landing craft unit (LCU), donated by the South Korean government for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions, will be arriving this year.

This was disclosed by PN public affairs office chief Cmdr. Lued Lincuna in a message to the PNA.

The LCU (donated by South Korea) is being targeted for delivery thru commercial shipping by this year," he added.

The craft was donated to the Philippines in June last year by the South Korean government.

Upon arrival, the LCU will be assigned to the PN's Service Force. LCUs are used to ferry troops and other equipment to areas larger ships, by course of their large draft, are unable to dock.

The PN currently operates two LCUs.


4 komentar:

  1. This LCU will compliment the two existing LCUs given by the US previously, giving the Philippine Navy better inter-theater logistic transport capabilities. Moreover, these LCUs could also support operations of the upcoming two LPDs ordered from Indonesia. In order for these LCUs to park within the LPDs well deck, the Philippine Navy should modify the mast, especially the LCU coming from South Korean to be folding / collapsible. I do think the modification to the flying bridge made by the South Koreans will fit the ceiling height of the LPDs since it has a big height clearance.

  2. Received a grant from the United States to persuade in order to cancel the purchase Sukhoi is the government's fault, F16 Block 25 upgrade 52 will be manipulated by neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Australia who will laugh at Indonesian plane because it was junk, expensive maintenance, security nil plus waiting military embargo, right air Force Chief said if you want to buy new aircraft tp do not buy F16 but Sukhoi, russian folk smarter and better than America and europe tp government prefers political factors, so that one of the events of the burning of the F16 is the government should be entirely due to the wrong choice to buy plane aka waste wreckage of America "Sukhoi SU35 or Sukhoi Pakfa is best for the military to offset + ToT system" if buying from America just purchase order will then be embargoed by human rights grounds

    1. Yes I agree buying western aircraft has its disadvantages, especially the embargo they will impose if the country commits issues against the conditions of the selling nation, which previously happened to your country. But understand too that wherever your government buys either western, Russia or Chinese there will always be advantages and disadvantages. An example, Russian or Chinese have good or within par features with Western aircraft, but lifespan is short and usual problems with after sale support – spare parts. And if you buy Western aircraft they are good too, but they are expensive to maintain and as you have said you might have to run into an embargo. So, it depends on your government which purchase they will prefer. Moreover, in regards to the recent mishap of one of your F-16 let us not be premature in judging the F-16 is a lemon (inferior) aircraft. We still do not know the actually cause of the fire. If the F-16s especially the early variants are inferior there would be several accidents already, because a lot of countries are flying early variant of the F-16s (e.a. Thailand, Jordan, Pakistan, Taiwan to name a few).

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