11 April 2015

Myanmar Warships at Combined Fleet Exercise – Sea Shield 2015 Showing Chinese Weapons

11 April 2015

Ship convoy Bayinnaung UMS (772) Myanmar homemade bomb jet is launched anti-submarine exercises in the RBU-1200. (all photos : Myanmar Navy)

Myanmar Navy recently held a rehearsal with orchestra "domestic" warship, but these ships still have to use weapons of China.

According to information networks Sina (Chinese) published, in which, in the large-scale military exercisesombined Fleet Exercise – Sea Shield 2015 last, Myanmar Navy mobilized staging its biggest warship including imports from China, USA ... and especially the battleship "made in Myanmar" occupy positions of honor.

In Myanmar warships produced by participating in this exercise with ships guardian Anawratha UMS (771), ship convoy Bayinnaung UMS (772) and a number of other high-speed missile boats.

Ship convoy Anawratha UMS (771) by a homemade Myanmar.

According to the Western press, though not owned Myanmar Navy warships large inland but the ship convoy to see Myanmar's efforts to reduce dependence on external sources of weapons.

Kanwa Defense Review Journal said, in the period 1991-1993, the Navy consecutive Myanmar imported 10 gun ship Hainan class Type 037 from China. This type of recreational water quality ship 400 tons, length 58,77m; 2 turret armed barreled 57mm 2, 2 2-barreled 25mm turret and two non 14,5mm machine guns and rocket systems Type 81 hunting ground.

By the year 1995, Myanmar buy 6 speedboat missile Houxin class recreational water quality Type 487 037IG have tons 62,8m long. Type 037IG equipped with combination anti-ship cruise missiles, C-802 (4 results), 2 Turret Type 69 30mm rapid-fire machine guns and two non 14,5mm. This is a warship equipped with missiles first Myanmar Navy.

Since Type 037IG, Myanmar stop imports which moved to close itself with the help, receiving technology and equipment from China. In 1996, Myanmar Navy ships receive 5 small guns in this country close by.

There is not much information about class ships, but they are mainly equipped with weapons produced by China. That same year, Myanmar added to payrolls class missile corvettes Anawratha self-closing. Until 2007, it was put into operation in the 2nd.

Unknown size, the amount of water Anawratha stretch except for the ship to be equipped with defensive weapons system in 3 aspects: anti-ship (missile C-802, 76mm gunboat), air conditioning (tower 30mm cannon Type 69, Type 58 14,5mm) and anti-ship. Earlier, in 2004, Myanmar into 5 speedboat payroll small missile missile equipped C-802 anti-ship of China.

Thus, up to 2007, Myanmar Navy has 13 ships missiles, become a formidable force in the region. However, these ships are mostly small, near-shore operations. In addition to a strong anti-ship capability, the ability of our rooms are not bad, no navigation system air missiles.

Under these circumstances, Myanmar efforts to modernize the navy but is not new, but continue to buy local. To 2008, they completed the first frigate, the most powerful in the country.

Accordingly, Myanmar put on the payroll Aung Zeya class frigates have recreational water quality up to 4053 tons, becoming the largest warships that a country in Southeast Asia to be self-closing (2008 to date). Aung Zeya Class 4 diesel engines fitted very well, allowed to reach a maximum speed of 30 knots / h, a range of more than 6000.

FAC Missile Myanmar Navy was launched "anti-ship killer" C-802.

Electronic systems onboard radar used mainly by Chinese producers, but individual, hydroacoustic positioning system (detecting submarines) are from Russia.

Myanmar did not disclose details of weapons systems on board but according to international experts, it includes: cruise missile C-803 (range 200km, 8 results); 2 combination artillery fast Type 730 seven-barreled 30mm size; air defense missile system HQ-7 short-range; 76mm gunboat and cluster lightweight 324mm torpedo.

Also, according to some sources, the ship equipped with four combinations Ak-630 Russian artillery, air defense missile system HQ-16 medium-range and cruise missiles for long-range land HN-2 (range 500km).


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