11 Februari 2016

Brasil to Send Four More Super Tucano Jets

11 Februari 2016

Super Tucano of the TNI AU (photo : Kaskus Militer)

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Embraer Defence and Security Brasil is set to send four more Super Tucano jets on February 29. The arrival of the new fighter-trainer jets is only within a month after the recent downing plane incident in Malang.

"We will have four more Super Tucano on February 29. AT the mean time, we will find out what went wrong," said Chief of Airforce, Air Marshall Agus Supriatna, on Wednesday.

Indonesia has been importing Super Tucano since 2012. The Airforce now have 12 planes in squadron 21, Malang.

The plane itself is specialized in counter insurgency operation (COIN) and close air support. It can mount a number of weapons, including domestic-production weapon. (Tempo)

Indonesian air forces temporarily suspend Super Tucano planes operation following recent crash

Indonesian air forces have temporarily banned 11 remaining Super Tucano aircraft from flying as investigation on the cause of crash of one of the planes is yet to be completed.

Air Marshall Agus Supriatna, the chief of staff at the air forces, said on Thursday that the ban came into effect starting Thursday until officers reveal the investigation results of the plane accident.

However, Supriatna added that the Indonesian military would not stop the scheduled arrival of four new Super Tucano planes on Feb. 29 to the Abul Rachman Saleh airbase in Malang.

In 2012, Indonesia ordered 16 units of the Brazilian-made light attack planes, but only 12 of them have arrived.

On Wednesday, a Super Tucano aircraft crashed from mid-air into a housing area during a routine training flight, killing four people, including the two men onboard and two civilians on the ground. 


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  1. Yang crash jadinya dibeliin lagi 1 biar jangkep 16 atau dibiarkan 15 ya?

  2. tetap 15 sepertinya,mirip t50 juga tinggal 15, begitu juga f16 dulu ada 12 kecelakaan tinggal sisa 10,f 5 kecelakaan 1 tinggal sisa 15. Setelah itu awet

  3. cat mulut hiunya jelek banget, mulutnya terlalu lebar..niat pengen niru skadron kitty hawk P 40 amrik malah jadi mirip barongsai