15 Februari 2016

DTI-1G Hand over Ceremony

15 Februari 2016

DTI-1G 300mm guided MLRS has a firing range of 150 km (photos : TAF)

Defense Technology Institute or DTI is today hand over its guided MLRS to the Royal Thai Army, adding to the DTI-1, SR4, and Tpye-85 with 130 mm MLRS already in service in RTA

The DTI-1G is the technology transfer program aim to enhance the defense capability of Thailand by receiving the guidance technology from the so called "friendly nation" to manufacture the guided version of DTI-1.

DTI-1G is GPS/INS guided with 70-150 km range. it's Circular Error Probable is less than 40 meters at 150 km. RTA plan to buy 3 systems.

Deputy defense minister also said he is very satisfying with the performance of the rocket system, saying that this in no way mean the threat to the regional security but only for self-defense. 

The guided version makes the system very precise to the target. During the test, the rocket missed out the pin-point target by only 3 meters. He also wants DTI to use the technology to develop the other type of rocket and weapon system including 122 mm MLRS or guided mortar.

He also said DTI already delivered several UAV systems to RTA and DTI 8x8 Black Widow Spider is under the test.


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