12 Oktober 2016

BRP Andres Bonifacio Starting Voyage to PH in Few Weeks

12 Oktober 2016

BRP Andres Bonifacio PF-17 (photo : PN)

The second batch crew of BRP Andres Bonifacio (FF-17) has arrived to United States October 7. BRP Andres Bonifacio is the third Hamilton-class cutter to be commissioned in Philippine Navy (PN) service. According to the official social networking account of created for BRP Andres Bonifacio, “in a few weeks time” the crew together with BRP Andres Bonifacio will be leaving the United States Coast Guard Alameda port in California and sail back home.

BRP Andres Bonifacio has a crew of 80 officers and naval personnel. She is expected to leave the US for her voyage home by first week of November.

Navy spokesperson Captain Lued Lincuna said the ship is expected to be in the Philippines by second week of December.

“She will pass by Hawaii and Guam for refueling and provisioning [before heading to the Philippines],” he added.

The USCGC Boutwell was retired from US Coast Guard service last March 16 and handed to the PN last July 21 (American time).


8 komentar:

  1. Another cheap toothless secondhand ship.

    1. yeah sure, cause your country too poor to buy the new one, LMFAO..

    2. My country build the most advance warship in SEA. Even Singapore Formidable class is considered outdate compare to my country warship.

    3. well to be fair the ship is bought at a very low price and the ship is toothless.no anti ship missile or sam or torpedoes or even a ciws. only a 3 inch gun.

    4. most advance warship in SEA?

    5. he meant the sigma light frigate. it is one of the most advance light frigate in the world. dont compare it with heavy frigate(4000+ tons) or a destroyer cause well you know they are in different class.