15 Juli 2017

Boeing Completes Deliveries of F-15SG Jets to Singapore

15 Juli 2017

RSAF F-15SG (photo : Tan Jing Heng)

MELBOURNE, Australia — Boeing has completed the delivery of eight more F-15SG Eagle multirole fighter jets to Singapore, according to data from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA’s website showed that the last of eight F-15SGs on its civil register had its registration canceled in the middle of June, with export being listed the reason for cancellation and its destination listed as Singapore. 

This last aircraft, with the FAA registration N361SG/05-8361, was classified as an experimental aircraft in its registration details under the categories of research and development as well as crew training. It is the only one of the eight to be classified as such, and had been noted to be flying over Boeing’s facilities in St Louis, Missouri, as far back as September 2016.

The reason for this classification is unknown; however, the FAA defines its research and development classification as “to conduct aircraft operations as a matter of research or to determine if an idea warrants further development. Typical uses for this certificate include new equipment installations, operating techniques, or new uses for aircraft,” while crew training is for aircraft that are used “for training the applicant’s flight crews in experimental aircraft for subsequent operation of aircraft being flight tested in type certificate programs or for production flight testing”.

RSAF F-15SG (photo : Zen Works)

These eight F-15SGs on the FAA’s database were first registered in mid-2014 by Boeing. Deliveries of these aircraft began in early 2016, with the first aircraft seen in April at the Republic of Singapore Air Force's training detachment at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.

It's unknown why Boeing registered the military F-15SGs on the FAA’s civil aircraft database, with a source having suggested to Defense News that it may be due to the aircraft being acquired by Singapore under a Direct Commercial Sales contract with Boeing, although previous batches of Singapore’s F-15SGs and military aircraft for other countries acquired under similar contracts were not placed on the FAA register. 

When asked, Boeing referred Defense News to Singapore’s Defence Ministry, which in turn declined to confirm if Singapore has taken delivery of the jets, citing operational security. 

Singapore, which is very secretive regarding its military, has also not disclosed the number of F-15SGs it has acquired, although a count of the airframes seen so far would indicate that it has 40 aircraft if these latest eight are included.  

The F-15SG is one of the most advanced F-15 models currently in service, being equipped with the Raytheon AN/APG-63(v)3 active electronically scanned array radar and Lockheed Martin’s Sniper targeting pod. 

Singapore also flies 60 Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 52 fighters that are currently being upgraded with AESA radars and new mission computers, and is a partner in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program, although it has not committed to any orders.  

14 komentar:

  1. R&D on the F15E 2040c concept or advance strike eagle like what qatar will get or F15SE? Sure full of surprises

  2. singapore beli pakai uang tabungan wni di singapore.. :-P

    1. bisaaaaaa jadiii tabungan hari tuwaaa tapi bini mudeeee haha!

      wadewww guwe kabur dl aahh kburu difentung om ben ntar ente om😜

  3. Kesian singaporn beli jet pejuang pake wang tabungan rakyat indonesia...kesian

    1. Mat rempit... indonesial couldn't afford F-15... Su35 is just 1/2 the price of F-15.

    2. Malaysial no money to replace mig29... ask your pm for money from 1mbd. Hahahahaaahaha you guys who vote him right????

  4. kesian malaysie...enjin and part radar hilang juge...kih kih

  5. Why Aussie choose F/A-18E/F Super Hornet than F-15 like Singapore did?

    1. Well F18 super hornet can play similar roles as f15e however the f15e is better in terms of performance. Back in the past US airforce was seeking a multirole figher. Then it came down to 2 contenders. F16 and F18(Not super hornet then). Many thought hornet would win but a surprise was the f16 won. The airforce back then did not see the f18 as a necessary platform needed and f16s were satisfactory. The US navy then showed interest in f18s and decided to use it for naval operations. Modified and configured for naval ops like carrier and naval strike missions. More on the maritime side. So henceforth the f18hornet was a naval fighter. However to meet growing threats it was not enough to meet all their operations in the long run so they wanted something better. They came out with the f18 super hornet an enhanced improvement. So the f18 has been a naval fighter. It too can perform roles like f15 for air superiority and strike missions. Backstory complete. Still one thing is the F15 can go further than the superhornet. It is better in terms of performance. F18s are heavier esp for carrier as the frame needs to withstand the impact force on landing and taking off with the catapult. One advantage is f18superhornets are slightly faster and they need the speed for taking off quickly. Overall both fighter play similar roles however the f15e can play a broad range of mission types. F15 can perform naval strike as well but not from a carrier since it was not design to. SG has been doing this in maritime exercises and training. They have a detachment in guam. Dont get the Aussies wrong they prefer f18s for themselves it can work well.

  6. RSAF choose the USAF fighters, F-15 and F-16, what a good choice regarding the system.

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