20 Juli 2017

PH Completes Inspection of Raytheon for FA-50’s Air-to-Air Missiles

20 Juli 2017

FA-50PH (photo : Efrainnoel Morota)

The Philippine has completed post qualification inspections for Raytheon Missile Systems Co. last week in United States for Fighter/Surface Attack/Lead-in Fighter Trainer (F/SA/LIFT) Aircraft Munitions Acquisition Project Lot 1.

According to MaxDefense Philippines, Raytheon is in the running to supply AIM-9L/I-1 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles for the Philippine Air Force’s FA-50 Fighting Eagle aircraft.

“If the results are positive, it won’t be long before a Notice of Award will be provided,” MaxDefense said.

MaxDefense added that air-to-air missiles being acquired are also for “future aircraft capable of carrying and firing the missiles.”

However, MaxDefense noted the decrease in Approved Budget for Contract (ABC) for the F/SA/LIFT Aircraft Munitions Acquisition Project Lot 1.

AIM-9L/I-1 missiles (photo : wiki)

It noted that ABC was decreased to PHP 1.016 billion for unspecified number of AIM-9L/I-1 missiles including associated accessories and support, from PHP 2.636 billion for 312 missiles.

“Budget decrease was also made as the PAF opted to increase the budget to acquire AGM-65G Maverick missiles (Lot 2) instead, diverting almost half the original ABC for F/SAA/LIFT Munitioms Lot 1 to Lot 2,” MaxDefense said.

AGM-65 Maverick is an air-to-ground tactical missile (AGM) designed for close air support.

F/SA/LIFT Aircraft Munitions Acquisition Project is divided into several Lots. Lots 3 and 4 are for Countermeasures and 20mm Ammunition, respectively.


13 komentar:

  1. Dumb ass... the hermes 900 belong to singapore. We are there to help the poornoy doing reconnaissance... as you guys know.. they fucking poor and ask sg for assistance .

    1. Dark Side your thinking is the same with the rohingyans..your obviously an Idiot who belongs to a third world country. Singapore Government should kick you out and have clemency to Rohingyans to join them.hahahaha.
      All bloggers here are educated unlike you that surely and Idiot one like your mother and father.hahahaha

  2. Couldn't afford to buy the basic 450 hermes or other cheaper alternative and you expect them to buy 900 hermes??? Dream on poornoy.
    We go there not just to do reconnaissance for them.. saf will study their terrain for our knowledge secretly.

    1. Sg has no hermes 900 whatsoever. I alrdy said that. Besides this post is on air to air missiles. Off topic!!!

    2. Hehehehe..retarded.hahahaha.so funny.no BRAIN.hahhahaha

  3. You clearly doesn't know what you are talking about. SG still hasn't sent in their UAV team there in the warzone. The Hermes 900 is flying in Luzon. Far away from the warzone. Elbit has been in the PH since last year demonstrating various equipments. Btw, I work in the airport where Elbit is testing the Hermes 900.

  4. Singapore has no hermes 900. Why? Its because it is completely unecessary for our operations. Singapore has the hermes 450 for shorter missions. It alone can fly 20hrs. A hermes 900 is a (MALE) UAV. It stands for medium altitude long endurance. Singapore does not it the 900 when as we already have an existing MALE UAV. That is the IAI Heron 1 UAV which is also a MALE UAV. The hermes is the basic type of the MALE category. The heron 1 performs better. It can fly further, higher, carries a bigger payload and it can fly for 48hrs in operational situations. 52hrs is the maxed time but very unkikely as u got to plot its course and the payloads it carries. So therefore there is no hermes 900 as we have the IAI heron 1 UAV for the MALE category. It is more worth the money to have the heron 1 than the hermes 900. If sg has both types then it is a waste of resources and money as that is so unecessary. Here is theist of the UAVs Sg has IAI heron 1 UAV(airforce), Hermes 450(airforce), Skyblade 3 mini uav(operated by army for scouts and recon units maybe other formations cannot confirm), Boeing Insitu scan eagle uav(operated by the navy used onboard the victory class missile coverttes can be deployed on other vessels like frigates, LSTs and soon to be LMVs), Possible UAV next is the the skyblade 4 UAV underdevelopment. Judging by it the army could use it for their formations on company, battalion levels. The airforce could use skyblade4 for short range missions or patrol around the airbase. Scenarios like attack on the airbase they could use it for aerial view of the situation on their own airbase. This is just an assumption on my part for the skyblade4. Other than that propably quad rotors, micro UAVs in future for infantry men on platoon, section level Note: The searcher UAV sg has is alrdy retired the IAI heron 1 is the successor of the searcher UAV.

  5. Of all the weapons they have, this AAM is useless in Marawi. Bucks for bang, it's the infantry that needs beefing up considering the threat from ISIS

    1. pesawat fighter tanpa aam lebih mubasir lagi om ZMR.
      memang di marawi tak terpakai namun ancaman terhadap filipin kan bukan dari isis saje tapi dari itu tuch sahabat baru duterte dari negri panda🐼
      sekarang aja hubungan mereka lumayan mesra.coba dulu jadi ribut, wah bisa habis diserbu sana sini.

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