05 Juni 2012

ANZAC Class Sustainment Contract Signed

05 Juni 2012

HMAS Perth, Anzac class frigates (photo : RAN)

A contract has been signed with Naval Ship Management (Australia), a new joint venture between Babcock and United Group Limited Infrastructure, for the repair and maintenance of the Navy’s eight ANZAC Class frigates.

This contract is the first of the grouped-asset, long term, performance-based contracts for the repair and maintenance of the Navy’s major surface ships. It reflects extensive engagement with Defence industry to develop a better model for the grouping or ‘batching’ of ship repair and maintenance jobs.

The contract has an anticipated value of $300 million dollars over five years, with the potential for rolling year-on-year contract extensions.

The revised model is more efficient, reducing the administrative burden of pre-event tender contracting, and providing greater predictability, certainty and stability for industry.

It will also allow Navy to plan and forecast maintenance and repair.

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