29 Juni 2012

Military Eyes Forest in Sukhothai for Drills

29 Juni 2012

Sukhothai proposed for large-scale military training  (photo : TAF)

A degraded forest in Sukhothai could serve as a staging ground for large-scale military training drills, the Defence Ministry said.

Ministry spokesman Thanathip Sawangsaeng said certain areas in Ban Dan Lan Hoi district, where the 3rd Army's training camp is situated, could be used for the drills as expansion of the military's training ground into those areas would have the least impact on villagers.

Col Thanathip was speaking after a meeting of the Defence Council, chaired by Defence Minister and Air Chief Marshal Sukumpol Suwanatat.

The ministry wants a larger ground for joint military training, especially drills for the air force, which lacks an area for live ammunition training.

Some areas in Ban Dan Lan Hoi district are also being eyed as a new training area for the Singaporean military, a source said.

Singapore has leased the training ground at Sai Yok army camp in Kanchanaburi, but needs a larger area as it may need to use live ammunition.

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