05 Juni 2012

Vietnam to Buy Amur Diesel Submarines from Russia ?

05 Juni 2012

Amur diesel submarines (photo : Rubin) 

Russia began to Vietnam to offer an upgraded version of the Kilo class submarines - Amur, this submarine is well suited for patrolling and fighting in the East Vietnam Sea.

According to analysts, if Vietnam could buy a fleet of Amur submarines, submarine forces of Vietnam will truly become a powerful force in the region.

Amur class submarines can also be equipped with missiles launched from submarines to attack ground targets, so it can fully protect all targets on the coast and the islands of the East Vietnam Sea South. Vietnam Navy can be a powerful force in the water in the South China Sea.

According to the Shanghai newspaper said Deputy Director of Military Technology Cooperation Russian design bureau that Ruby started looking for the export market for Amur diesel-electric submarines of the Russian. Being version submarine's inland with a number of submarines Lada in Russian Navy, the formation of the a force new combat underwater.

Deputy director of defense export company Rosoboronexport said Victor Komar said that Russia is committed to strengthening military cooperation and technology with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in some Southeast Asian countries, Russia is considered the greatest potential for arms export market.

With Amur - 1650 Vietnam will help protect the most perfect national sovereignty of islands.

Victor Komar said that the 'partner in Southeast Asia, most importantly, Vietnam, Russia Vietnam is considered one of the most important consumers of defense. Vietnam has ordered six submarines from Russia's Design Bureau 'Ruby' development, submarine factory is located in St Petersburg, is expected to begin transfer operations in 2014.

There Amur submarines, Vietnam will be deployed in the South China Sea, a very intimidating force under water.

However, Vietnam can not simply take six Kilo class submarines. Mr. Komar said: 'Vietnam Navy they needed a fighting strength of higher than submarine Kilo urgent and must be set up in six or seven years, they can not just rely on the Kilo submarines. According to analysts, if Vietnam could buy a fleet of Amur submarines, submarine forces of Vietnam will truly become a powerful force in the region '.

The Russian defense export company is actively working contacts with Vietnam. To end this agreement, the company said that Russia will play the Amur submarines, while Vietnam's shipbuilding enterprises involved in the project can produce submarines.

Russia not only design but also give joint cooperation in the production process and provide training for Vietnam and some submarine building technology advanced.

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