04 Juni 2012

Vietnam 'revival' Armored Vehicle BTR-152 Military Transport

04 Juni 2012

BTR-152 armored vehicles running tests after improvement and upgrading (photo : BaoDatViet)

The technical staff of the Institute of the military (General Engineering) has studied and successfully upgraded to improve armored vehicle BTR-152 military transport.
(DVO) Project "Advanced Research maneuverability of armored vehicles BTR-152 military transport to meet mission requirements in the new situation" attracted numerous participants interested, find out. This is one of eight projects were awarded and has very high practical value in Youth Awards creativity in the army in 2011 has been held.

"Carrying troops and armored vehicles BTR-152 Soviet previously produced, is equipped for a task unit combat readiness and mission A2 (subversive violence prevention and special situations ). Over the long term use, the current technical condition of vehicles has deteriorated somewhat, out of sync, affecting the quality of completed tasks. The requirements of new tasks, researchers need to improve maneuverability and reliability of vehicle operation. That's why I make this work "- Captain Nguyen Huy Truong, Department Increases - Armored, Technical Institute of the military (General Engineering) - Project manager said.

BTR-152 is one of the armored vehicles carrying troops, and be able to participate in the process of combat operations. Military vehicles have been used very effectively in the previous period.

However, compared with current mission requirements, the car was somewhat outdated. Work reliability is low, not high system specs. The engine of the motor vehicle is the older generation of small capacity, heavy armor, making the vehicle's own power is not high. Moreover, the mechanical drive system of the vehicle should not have assisted the team very difficult control, affect maneuverability.

In addition, when operating, vehicle BTR-152 large fuel consumption, the ability to protect crew and infantry on the car from above the limit for vehicles without roof steel. Vehicles do not have sufficient equipment for road lights, mirrors ... so it's difficult to move ...

After a period of study, the authors have chosen alternative Zil-123B engine and gearbox of the car with old engines and gearboxes new steering improvements from purely mechanical forces without the support steering system hydraulic upgrading suspension system, pneumatic system, electrical system enhances the load bearing capacity, stability of the vehicle while working.

In addition, the car was new roof design and installation of steel, lever rain and some lighting equipment, glass rear observation enhances the protection and convenience in battle and move on the type of terrain different.

Vehicle BTR-152 following improvements have been in trial operation of some units. Test results show that in general the car has many advantages Vietnamese than the original car.

Typically the higher capacity by 9.1% higher rate than 5.6%, stable operation, reliable ... In particular, the amount of reduced fuel consumption (the amount of actual fuel consumption from 60 to 70 liters xang/100km reduced by nearly 30 liters of oil diezel/100km, saving hundreds of thousands of operations per 100km). In addition, the car following improvements have beautiful form, convenient operation, very suitable for use in conditional units.

"Vehicle BTR-152 following improvements as" young "again. As a result the project has opened up the ability to upgrade and improve the entire vehicle BTR-152 is equipped in the Army, increasing shelf life, reduce the cost of imports, contributing to improve readiness military fight, "Captain Nguyen Huy Head shared.

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