12 Juni 2012

Vietnam Produces Components Scud Missile Fuel

12 Juni 2012

Unit B90 Scud brigade combat training (photo : BaoDatViet)

Recently, the Institute of Technology (Air Defense - Air Force), has successfully studied the production of oxidation in the fuel component R-17E missiles (Scud).

Agent O (oxidized substances in the composition of liquid rocket fuel) of the complex ground missiles R-17E is based on mixed acid HNO3 and N2O4 dioxide.

Agent O is one of two important components constituting the liquid fuel to the fire in general, the fuel for the R-17E missiles in particular. Over the long term preservation, due to the impact of the environment, now degraded fuel, reduce quality, does not guarantee the specifications should affect the combat readiness capabilities of weapons combined.

Aim of producing domestic fuel source, import restrictions from foreign countries, especially in time synchronization for fuel and missile weapons, the scientists at the Institute of Engineering, Air Defence - Air Force have successfully studied the production process, and build the production line from raw material substance O is HNO3 acid in water.

On the basis of composition analysis by foreign fuel production of components, specifications of the methods, modern equipment, the authors have successfully implemented the synthesis of O in the laboratory, thereby determining the elements of production technology for small scale and industrial scale.

The authors have designed, fabricated and installed the production line technology on the basis of fuel recovery line at the factory A31 substances O (Department of Engineering, Air Defense-Air Force); construction develop product specifications and process technology for production of quality O equivalent but cheaper than imported products.

Line is designed with a capacity of tens of tons / year, which went into production, each step needs a liquid fuel to sync with missile weapons system, meeting the requirements ready to fight on higher.

R-17E/9K72 (NATO reporting name SS-1 Scud B) is a combination of tactical ballistic missiles - Soviet campaign development. Currently, the payroll of the Vietnam People's Army brigade B90 is the first unit of ground forces missile Vietnam R-17E/9K72 equipped combinations. B90 Brigade under Army Command Artillery.

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