28 Juni 2012

Vietnam MiG-21 Night Flight Training

28 Juni 2012

MiG-21 during night flight training (photo : BaoDatViet)

In 2012, the 929th Fighter Regiment (372 Division) has restored the operations of night flight training after 3 years stopped.

929 Air Force Regiment (372 Division) is an air defense fighter units responsible for protecting the central sky country. Group 929 is equipped with interceptor MiG-21bis variant training and two-seat MiG-21UM.

After 3 years suspension of night flight training, in 2012 the Air Defense Command - Air Force assigned the 929th Regiment perform night flights back. This is a difficult task, because the long stretch of time, and more of the regiment were transferred to other jobs. However, in the spirit of the collective determination of unit officers and soldiers, with help from the 371st Airborne Division troops and units have been successfully organized aircraft recovery, teacher training as the core unit of pilot training.

MiG-21 Vietnam Air Force (photo : ttvnol)

To make night flying task force, technical personnel is a key factor in ensuring success.

Preparatory work should be undertaken early. The aircraft mechanic to prepare the location, checking every detail of the aircraft safety. In this task, there is no general concept for the task, all must be meticulous and precise detail.

Before each flight the night, a MiG-21UM will evaluate meteorological for takeoff to the preparation. When the city of Da Nang on the lights, it's time the MiG-21 flying wing of the 929th Regiment simultaneously wings into the sky.

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