05 Juni 2012

Artillery Control Systems Contract Signed

05 Juni 2012

M777 155mm towed howitzer (photo : freerepublic)

A contract has been signed with Rockwell Collins Australia for the acquisition of 96 digital terminal control systems (DTCS) under Project Land 17 Phase 1B.

The digital terminal control system allows Special Forces and artillery forward observers to identify targets with greater accuracy through the use of precision targeting software.

The system allows soldiers to rapidly engage enemy targets more effectively and with greater accuracy.

Australian troops will use these systems to call on fire support from land, sea or airborne weapon system, including the Army’s new M777 towed artillery.

The contract with Rockwell Collins Australia has a total value of around $63 million including in-service support arrangements.

This contract provides the Army with control terminals, tactical full motion video systems, laser target designators and training.

This contract follows the Government’s approval in 2010 for the acquisition of 56 digital terminal control systems for use in Afghanistan. The DTCS are used to support Australian and ISAF operations.

Rockwell Collins Australia has been operating in Australia for over 40 years and produces cutting edge avionics, navigation and communications technology.

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