26 Juni 2014

4 of 21 Refurbished Huey Helicopters Now in Clark Field, Pampanga

26 Juni 2014

PAF UH-1H Huey combat utility helicopter (photo : timawa)

MANILA (PNA) -- Four of the 21 refurbished UH-1H “Huey” combat utility helicopters, acquired to beef up the Philippine Air Force, are now in Clark Field, Pampanga and being assembled, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said on Thursday.

He also stated that they are hoping that the assembly of the four helicopters will be completed in time for the PAF’s 67th founding anniversary this July 1.

Another three is en-route and expected to arrive before the end of July.

Gazmin expects the remaining 14 to arrive before the end of 2014.

Sources said these planes were acquired as the PAF’s “Huey” fleet was whittled down to just 18 helicopters, from an estimated 100, due to airframe aging and accidents.

The contract for the 21 refurbished UH-1Hs is estimated to be worth over Php1 billion. 


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