13 Juni 2014

NH90 Tactical Test on Alam Halfa

13 Juni 2014

RNZAF NH-90 (photo : RNZAF)

One of the new NH90 helicopters of the Helicopter Transistion Unit flew from Ohakea to take part in Exercise ALAM HALFA, in Hawke's Bay, this week. The deep bass note of the big helicopter's four-bladed rotor resonated across the plains as the aircraft approached to touch down at the site of the former Defence rifle range.

Troopers of Queen Alexandra's Mounted Rifles (QAMR), with their squadron of LAVs harboured-in at the command post, waited for the helicopter to pick up rations and supplies that were destined for the outlying patrols around the Bay. The NH90 offloaded a squad of fresh troops, quickly refuelled, then lifted an underslung load of supplies to take to the outposts.

The exercise has ranged from Waiouru to Cape Kidnappers and was due to climax on 24 May with a battle in the Hawke's Bay hills as QAMR track down their 'enemy' and assault their base.


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