20 Juni 2014

Ukraine Unveils BTR-3 Equipped with CMI Defence Turret

20 Juni 2014

BTR-3E with tower Cockerill CSE 90L (photo : resboiu)

TSAMTO. Ukraine submitted to "Eurosatory 2014" full-scale specimen BTR-3 with a remotely controlled module CPWS 20-25-30 Belgian company CMI Defence, said "Ukraine Industry."

Module CPWS (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station - protected combat module Cockerill) for 20-25-30 mm caliber guns gun protects against ballistic threats as well as from the environment. When the crew carries overcharging gun under armor protection, the newspaper said.

BTR-3 with mounted combat module series CPWS 20-25-30 by CMI Defence (photo : BMPD) 

Fully stabilized gun and can be induced in the vertical range of -10 deg. to +45 deg. The dual-mode (day-night) stabilized sighting system with laser rangefinder, and a panoramic sight with elevation angle to 60 degrees. can be easily integrated through standard architecture CAN.

In boxes of ammunition can store up to 150 rounds of two types, if the gun has a dual feed system. CPWS module can be equipped with a hatch to the commander was able to direct review.

Standard armor provides protection level 1, but can be increased to a level of 5 by installing additional add-on armor, writes "Ukraine Industry."


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