20 Juni 2014

Philippines Interested in Russian BMP-3F

20 Juni 2014

BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicle (photo : Rosteh)

Russia and the Philippines are discussing the possibility of delivery to the Asian country the Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3F. The journalists at the International Salon of weapons "Eurosatory 2014" Deputy General Director of "Rosoboronexport" Igor Sevastyanov.

"We are working with the country on the BMP-3F. The specific results are reported later, "- he said.

Deputy director recalled that recently the Philippine government announced several rearmament programs, including for the protection of the country's coastline.

Sevastiyanov noted that BMP-3F actively offered in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Earlier this car was delivered to Indonesia. In 2010, the main naval base of the country near the Javanese city of Surabaya were delivered 17 BMP-3F, later "Rosoboronexport" Indonesia passed a batch of 37 units of these machines.

BMP-3F is a version of the basic machine, designed for the Marine Corps. It can also be used coastguards and border troops. BMP-3F is used to fighting in the coastal zone, on the coast, landing at sea.

In armament includes basic machine 100mm gun, twin 30-mm gun, anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), 7.62 mm machine gun. BMP-3F is served by a crew of three and can carry seven paratroopers.


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  2. ini filipin ikut ikutan indonesia terus ya??dari T50, super tucano, F 16 bekas, ampe BMP ikut juga, tar jangan jangan Leopard juga??aneh..apa udah di set amerika kalo negara indo & filipin dijatah senjatanya musti beginian ya??