12 Juni 2014

Vietnam Air Force Purchased 3 Transport Aircraft C-295

12 Juni 2014

C-295 medium transport aircraft, to date, more than 140 C295s have been sold to 20 operators in 19 countries (photo : Airbus Military)

Airbus Defence and Space spokesman has confirmed that the company will be sold to Vietnam three military transport aircraft C-295.

According to IHS Jane's, speaks at the company's facility in Seville (Spain) on 9/6, Sales Director of Airbus DS Military aircraft, Antonio Rodriguez Barberan he says.

Apart Ecuador bought 3 units C-295 transport variant, the remaining 17 aircraft were sold to the secret customer.

However, one employee in the production line of the company has revealed that Vietnam is one of such customers.

Then Airbus DS spokesman confirmed to IHS Jane's, said Vietnam had actually ordered 3 transport aircraft C-295, the details are not revealed.

Airbus DS official said, adding that, in 2014, Airbus DS has sold a total of 20 C-295 aircraft.
Currently, only a relatively small number of countries that use the C-295 aircraft in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Oman.

Details related to sensor systems and weapons mounted on C-295 aircraft variant fight not disclosed.

Even so, in a text slide shows Airbus DS aircraft will be equipped with one 30mm M230 cannon and 6 points hanging below the wings for rockets, rocket guidance.

The aircraft is also equipped with 1 combination aperture radar (SAR) sensors and electrical towers - Optical / Infrared (EO / IR).

In addition, this variant aircraft also have the ability to perform the task of monitoring the ground like a special aircraft.

(Tin Ngan)

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