09 Juni 2014

Myanmar Assemble Armored Vehicle from Ukraine

09 Juni 2014

BTR-3U of the Myanmar Army (photo : Myanmar Armour Corps, mmmilitary)

VietnamDefence - Myanmar began assembling armored troop transport vehicles BTR-3 from the components supplied by Ukraine. Appeared snapshots assembly plant in Myanmar, which is assembled BTR-3 for the military.

Since 2003, Myanmar has received 10 BTR-3U the first assembly in Ukraine. Then known capable of producing armored vehicles under license in Myanmar with the participation of experts of Ukraine.

In 2003, the company signed with Ukraine weapon Myanmar contract assembly 100 vehicles BTR-3U, which planned addition to providing parking, the organization also produced under license in Myanmar.

From the number of cars signed, Myanmar received 10 new vehicles, but by 2014, there is no information about starting this project. And now appeared information about the renewal project. Any news, forging plant at James khiĞ° Lozov (LKMZ), the largest forging facility Ukraine and CIS intends to produce about 200 armored vehicles tires themselves.

BTR-3 armored troop transport vehicles are modern Ukraine designed and manufactured by the Institute named after AA Kharkov Morozov Machine development and the continued development of the BTR-80 design. BTR-3 is used to transport troops and mechanized infantry units hours and costs for hospital fire them in combat. Vehicles are equipped units capable of combat in various conditions, even when the enemy using weapons of mass destruction adults.

(Vietnam Defence)

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