23 Juni 2014

Elbit Systems Bags USD 20-M Contract to Supply Upgraded APCs for the AFP

23 Juni 2014

Elbit Systems 12,7mm RCWS (photo : Elbit Systems)

MANILA (PNA) -- Elbit Systems Ltd., one of the leading Israeli defense manufacturers, announced that it has bagged a USD 20 million (around P882 million) contract to supply upgraded armored personnel carriers (APCs) for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Upgrades include 25 mm unmanned turrets, 12.7 mm remote controlled weapon stations (RCWS) and fire control systems (FCS) for 90 mm turrets.

Elbit said that a total of 28 APCs will be supplied over a one-year period.

The contract marks a significant breakthrough for Elbit Systems, as it is the first one awarded to the company in the Philippines.

"We are very pleased to be awarded our first contract for the Philippines Armed Forces, which we hope will be followed by others. Our extensive portfolio and our vast experience enable us to offer our customers advanced solutions, answering the specific requirements of various combat vehicles, and this award further positions us as world leader in the field of ground vehicle upgrades," Elbit Systems' Land and C41 general manager Udi Vered said.

The APCs are for the use of the Philippine Army, which operates around 343 AFVs (armored fighting vehicles) and APCs.

Around 85 percent of these AFVs are on green status (fully mission capable) while another 10 percent are on yellow status (undergoing repair) and five percent are on red (beyond repair)

About 150 of these are the United Kingdom-built GKN "Simba" with the remaining AFVs consisting of United States-designed V-150 and V-200 APCs, M-113 "Bradley," Turkish made ACV-300s and British Scorpion CVRTs.

These vehicles give the PA its armor capability and are organized into a 14-vehicle mechanized infantry companion for deployment with regular units. 


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