03 Maret 2015

First Group of RTA Pilots and Technicians Completed UH-72A Lakota Conversion Course

03 Maret 2015

6 pilots and 10 technicians from RTA ready to operate UH-72A Lakota (photo : HeliOpsMag)

Six pilots and 10 maintenance technicians from the Royal Thai Army have successfully completed training to fly and maintain the UH-72A Lakota, the initial group of Thai pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians that will be trained to operate Lakotas for Thailand.

The Thai pilots and technicians were honored Friday in a graduation ceremony at Airbus Helicopters Inc. in Grand Prairie, where they underwent several weeks of comprehensive classroom and simulator instruction as well as flight training in the UH-72A. A second group  of Thai pilots is now on site undergoing flight training in the Lakota. 

“Our team is honored to have the opportunity to train the Royal Thai Army pilots and technicians to operate the Lakota and perform important missions for their country,” said Marc Paganini, President and CEO of Airbus Helicopters Inc. 

Airbus Helicopters has produced six UH-72As for the Royal Thai Army. Those helicopters have been delivered to the U.S. Army, which will later this year transfer the Lakotas to Thailand. The six Lakotas were ordered from Airbus Group by Thailand through the U.S. Army in April 2014, the first foreign military sale of the UH-72A. The U.S. government has offered Thailand the opportunity to purchase an additional nine Lakotas.


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