18 Maret 2015

Hyundai-Wia Positions 76 mm Guns for Malaysian Corvette Programme

18 Maret 2015

A model of Hyundai-Wia's 76 mm naval gun on display at LIMA 2015. (photo : Jane's)

South Korean company Hyundai-Wia is proposing its 76 mm naval gun system for the Royal Malaysian Navy's (RMN's) new missile corvettes on order from Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME).

DSME announced in November 2014 that it had won an order to build six ships for the programme. The company's proposal for the corvette's weapons fit include one 76 mm main gun, two 30 mm guns near the aft section and four anti-ship missile launch systems.

Woo-Seuck Jang, a general manager at Hyundai-Wia's defence division, told IHS Jane's at LIMA 2015 that the 76 mm gun system his company is proposing is particularly suitable for the RMN ships because it has been operationally proven on platforms in service with the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN).

A model of the missile corvette that DSME will be building for the Royal Malaysian Navy displayed at the DSA 2014 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. (photo : Jane's)

"The Hyundai-Wia 76 mm gun is currently proven in service on 18 South Korean navy ships", said Jang who explained these to be 17 Gumdoksuri-class fast attack craft and one MLS-II anti-submarine minelayer. "There will also be lesser integration and logistics challenges as we are in Korea with DSME. On top of that, our system is a lot lower in cost when compared to the competition", he added.

To sweeten the deal, Hyundai-Wia is offering one complimentary 76 mm turret for the RMN should they acquire the system for all six ships in the programme. The additional turret is a fully functional system which can be installed in-land for training purposes, said Jang.

Hyundai-Wia's 76 mm gun has a rate of fire of about 100 rds/min and a maximum range of 16.3 km. The weapon can be elevated between -15 to 85 degrees and holds up to 80 rounds in ready-to-fire mode. The gun is housed within carbon-composite shield shaped to reduce radar cross section. The system weighs less than 8,900 kg in total.


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