24 Maret 2015

Vietnam Army Orders 18 Caesar

24 Maret 2015

Caesar self propelled howitzer (photo : Militaryphotos)

Land: the face of new competition

Nexter has seen its growing importance vis-à-vis prospects, such as Denmark, Australia and Qatar. The other major argument is that an armored car is not just a platform but first a combat system. This involves maintaining a technological edge vis-à-vis the competition and control of advanced technologies, such as vectronics or those providing firepower. Another comparative advantage: the quality of maintenance in operational condition (MCO) and service, which, for example, the default of Russian origin platforms. Or the ability to diversify its activities, particularly in the ammunition or artillery sector.

Thus, even if the ticket market is low, with 86 industrial, including a growing number from emerging countries, only five or six figure reference are as combining all of these benefits with legitimacy-related history (250 years of existence for Nexter). What explain the fact that the French group now boasts 50% of its export sales and had already made, in February, 20% of its forecasts for 2015.

Another significant figure: since 2010, Nexter has doubled the number of CIEEMG. And the prospects look good, especially in Vietnam, which, despite Russian pressure, would finally chose Caesar. This would be a first order of 18 systems with a total target of 108. 

In Qatar, negotiations would take place for the purchase of an unspecified number of Caesar despite the prior purchase of PzH2000 German. An artillery system already chosen by Lebanon and Indonesia, which have ordered 36 additional systems. In terms of the VBCI, Denmark's decision is expected in May.

Nexter will, however, meet its main weakness: its deficit critical size, facing giants such as General Dynamics and Rheinmetall. This will be done if the negotiations lead to Kant with KMW. An imperative, therefore, that should, however, not be completed before September.


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