13 Maret 2015

RSN Launches New Submarine Training Centre and Retires Two Submarines

13 Maret 2015

RSN submariners undergoing helmsman training in one of the training facilities housed in the Submarine Training Centre.

Chief of Navy Rear-Admiral Lai Chung Han officiated at the launch of the new Submarine Training Centre (STC) at Changi Naval Base this afternoon.

Since 2000, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has been conducting local submarine training and qualifying new submariners in Singapore. The launch of the STC signifies a major milestone in the history of RSN's local submarine training. The STC is a one-stop training facility that enhances training realism, effectiveness and efficiency, and is able to meet all operational training and qualification requirements for the submariners. The STC also features simulators where both individual and team training can be conducted in a safe environment incorporating realistic scenarios.

Two Submarine Retired

On the same day, two RSN Challenger-class submarines, RSS Challenger and RSS Centurion, were also retired from service. These submarines have served the RSN well since 1997. In recognition of RSS Challenger's role as the RSN’s first submarine and training platform, the STC has been named RSS Challenger.

Also present at the ceremony were senior officials and pioneer submariners from the RSN (Sing Mindef)

RSS Challenger and RSS Centurion - formerly known as Sj√∂ormen class submarine in the Swedish Navy - have retired from service (photo : Lucian)

Factsheet - Ex-Sjoormen Class Submarines

The Ex-Sjoormen Class submarine, designed and built by the Swedish company, KOCKUMS, is a single hulled, double compartment submarine with excellent hydro-dynamic properties due to its tear-drop shaped hull. This minimises hull resistance when the submarine is operating under water. The hull is divided into two pressure-tight compartments to enhance safety and survivability.

The submarine has two decks. On the upper deck are the Combat Information Centre, accommodation and machinery control room. The torpedo storage, battery compartment and diesel engine rooms are located in the lower deck.

General Statistics

Length : 51 m
Breath : 6.1 m
Draught Surfaced : 5.6 m
Surfaced Displacement : 1130 tonnes
Submerged Displacement : 1200 tonnes
Speed : 10 knots (18.5 km/h) on surface; 16 knots (29.6 km/h) submerged.
Armament : Torpedoes
Equipment : Command and Weapon Control System
Active and Passive Sonars
Inertial Navigation System
Reverse Osmosis Plant
Complement : 7 officers and 21 men (Sing Mindef)

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