23 Maret 2015

Saab To Supply ESP System To RMAF

23 Maret 2015

SAAB electronic surveillance payload for UAV (images : SAAB)

SINGAPORE (Bernama) -- Defence and security company Saab has received a letter of award from the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) for the supply of an electronic surveillance payload (ESP) system.

In a statement, Saab said the system would be used for training at Malaysia's Electronic Warfare Support Centre.

It said the award would not only strengthen Saab ties with the RMAF but also signified its long-term commitment to Malaysia.

Head of Saab in Malaysia Thomas Linden said the system would enable the RMAF to enhance its electronic warfare competence and capability.

Saab provides world-leading products, services and solutions in military defence and civil security.


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