27 Agustus 2016

FarSounder to Provide Sonars for Australian Navy’s Paluma-class Vessels

27 Agustus 2016

HMAS Paluma class hydrographic survey vessel (photo : John Wilson)

FarSounder has been contracted to provide four complete FarSounder-1000 systems and spare parts as part of an upgrade programme of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) four Paluma-class hydrographic Survey Motor Launches.

The FarSounder-1000 3D forward-looking sonar system provides the user with real-time navigation information up to 1,000m range ahead of the vessel.

It allows the user to choose between a wide field-of-view and an extended range mode.

 FarSounder-1000 Forward looking 3D sonar system (photos : FarSounder, sea image)

 The system is fitted with a stainless steel Transducer Module with an underwater wet matable connector, a power module in-rack-mountable chassis, waterproof connection cable, a SonaSoft user interface software, and a marinised bridge computer.

FarSounder engineering vice-president Matthew Zimmerman said: “The FarSounder team is proud to be a part of this upgrade programme for the RAN fleet.

“We appreciate our inclusion and that our products are recognised for the benefit they bring to this class of vessels.”

BAE Systems will serve as the prime contractor for this project, while Seismic Asia Pacific is the FarSounder dealer and is responsible for the purchase of the equipment and supporting the systems integration.

The four 360 metric tonnes survey motor launches operated by the RAN are HMA Ships Paluma (IV), Mermaid, Shepparton (II), and Benalla (II).

The vessels are designed to operate in the shallow waters of northern Australia, and generally work in pairs. They feature the latest survey and computerised hydrographic data processing equipment, and navigation aids.

Recently, FarSounder supplied its FarSounder-1000 systems for two US Navy transferred Osprey-class mine hunter coastal (MHC) vessels.


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