06 Agustus 2016

Russian Newspaper: Vietnam can Buy Both BMP-3F and Sprut-SD for Navy

06 Agustus 2016

BMP-3F IFV (photo : survincity)

TASS news agency, citing sources from the Russian defense industry said, Vietnam is likely to order a batch of BMP-3F armored vehicles to strengthen the Navy reviews.

Specifically, the newspaper wrote, "the Navy beat Vietnam is facing many difficulties due to lack of amphibious armored vehicles can support modern credible firepower amphibious operations.

At the end of July, they have conducted an amphibious maneuvers invade the island, including the mobilization of means such as light tanks PT-76B, armored vehicles carrying military BTR-60PB wheel, they are transported by 2 lander rose project 771 (NATO designation Polnochny layer).

These are already very outdated weaponry, so in the event of a real war, Vietnam is difficult to win over the enemy, "the source said.

Expert commentary added: "If the Hanoi fight a specific army, the naval task force will be presented before they defeated high risk.

PT-76B tanks are not strong enough to destroy infantry fighting vehicle middle class, the main tank and other technical equipment of the enemy. I suppose they will not have much chance to recapture an island in real combat environment. "

However, Hanoi has considered the possibility of buying a plot of amphibious armored vehicle modernization. We have proposed two options for Vietnam as infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3F (naval version) and self-propelled antitank gun 2S25. Navy reviews of Vietnam have expressed their interest to both vehicles on.

Sprut SD 2S25 (photo : Yuri Pasholok)

According to Military Balance 2016 - reference by the Institute of International Strategic Studies (IISS) provides, Vietnam's armed forces are operating about 300 light tanks PT-76 was produced under the Soviet Union, together with 320 units Type 63 (also known as K-63-85 by China-made), and 1,100 Armoured Personnel carrier BTR-40/50/60/152.

PT-76 amphibious tank was developed from the 1950s, the D-56T cannon 76 mm size of it can not be regarded as damaging to the modern tanks by small caliber and low velocity , only 110 mm regularly homogeneous armor from 1,000 meters when firing range bullet UB-354N.

PT-76's armor is also very weak, equivalent to STANAG 4569 level 2, only withstand size 7.62 mm bullet fired from a distance of 30 m. BTR-60PB and BTR-152 also has a similar level of protection while completely missing anti-tank weapons.

Conversely, fire was BMP-3F strengths and Sprut-SD, the IFV is equipped with cannons of 100 mm 2A70 automatic cannon 2A72 30-mm size mounted in parallel, particularly effective against infantry. The 2A75 cannon 125 mm size of Sprut-SD bullet shot was both kinetic 3VBM19 and antitank missiles AT-11, capable of destroying all types of MBT best today.

"Therefore, the acquisition of the means mentioned above will significantly increase combat capability of the Vietnam Navy beat," the Russian official concluded.


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