22 Agustus 2016

The Leading Candidate to Replace the Position of Vietnam BTR-152

22 Agustus 2016

BPM-97 Vystrel (photo : DefenceTalk)

With many advantages, armored troop transport BPM-97 is considered the best candidates, will replace the role of the "old man" Army BTR-152 in Vietnam.

Armored troop transport vehicles BPM-97 (industrial production code Kamaz-43 269 "Vystrel") was designed in 1997 and officially equip Border Forces of the Russian Federation since 1999.

Kamaz plant BPM-97 created by combining the chassis of multi-use trucks with armored body, Kamaz-43 269 was originally intended to replace the role of GAZ-66 truck.

This is a light armored vehicle with reasonable cost, is well suited for patrol or escort. Besides Russia, BPM-97 was used by the Army of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Vietnamese BTR-152 (photo : ttvnol)

Due to the similarities in the back offers a wealth of advantages, BPM-97 is rated as the No. 1 candidate to replace the BTR-152 was very old in Vietnam.

Currently Kamaz has factories located in Vietnam, meets the capacity requirements of finished products assembled within the country, which makes it the chance of winning BPM-97 became apparent than ever.

It is likely in the near future, Vietnam People's Army armored vehicles will be staging a new generation tire to origin "inland", similar to the model that the army several ASEAN countries are applying very successfully.


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