22 Agustus 2016

Vingmate’s FCS Garners Interest

22 Agustus 2016

Vingmate AB’s fire control system (photo : Army Recognition)

Increasing the accuracy of heavy crew served weapons like the .50 caliber machine gun and 30/40mm automatic grenade launchers allows troops to take advantage of the comparative greater range and potential lethality of these weapons.

Vingmate AB’s (part of Rheinmetall) Fire Control System enables this and when used on a 40mm AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher) it has demonstrated first round hits on a tank-size target at 1.8 kilometers range, (1.1 miles) in live firing trials. The FCS is compact and weighs 6.3 kilograms (13.8 pounds) yet provides day and night firing solutions for direct and indirect fire, target acquisitions and airburst programming. The basic FCS version has a laser rangefinder, day camera and ballistic correction but its modularity allows the mounting of a thermal camera, laser pointer and other sensors.

The system is fielded by Canada, Norway, New Zealand, US Special Operations and was a candidate for the Australian Army’s Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launchers coupled to the Heckler and Koch 40mm GMG automatic grenade launcher. The Australian Defence Material Organisation, which supervises procurement for the Australian military, eventually selected the General Dynamics Mk.47 40mm AGL for this requirement.

(Asian Military Review)

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