25 Agustus 2016

Vietnam to Upgrade Strela-10M System

25 Agustus 2016

Strela A-10M of the Vietnamese Army (photos : Soha)

For missile S-300 long-range combat assured, Vietnam has actively upgrading Strela-10M system to ensure the best combat readiness.

According to the Institute for International Peace Studies Stockholm (SIPRI), the Soviet Union aid to Vietnam systems Strela-10M . And this weapon is used to protect the anti-aircraft missile complexes S-300 long-range in Vietnam.

However, due to a long operating time should these systems need to be repaired and upgraded. Instead of having transported overseas, the current defense industry Vietnam fully qualified to perform the services.

Strela-10M is a combination of low-altitude air defense missile control optical / infrared with high maneuverability. In Vietnam it is designated as a low-range missiles A-89.

The combination of price rocket launch pad block weaponry radar and optical devices placed on amphibious chassis MT-LB light, capable and highly mobile field Vietnam. Reserve journey according to the combination of fuel is 500 km on asphalt.

Strela-10M Each vehicle carries four 9M37 missiles (9M37M) has an effective range of up to 5,000 m altitude range 25-3500 m, located in the storage tube discharge tube cum ready to shoot mode.

In addition, there are more 4-8 other ammunition stockpile belongs and only takes 3 minutes to re-loaded. The 9M37 missile is guided to the target by homing mode in channel 2: Infrared and Optical, lets shoot targets "invisibility" of heat as well as "invisible" on radio.

Strela-10M air defence system (russiadefence)

Combination can kill all kinds of low-flying targets and small area of ​​radar reflectivity at speeds up to 517 m flying towards / s (when fired pick) and airspeed overlooking 415 m / s (when shooting chase ) as fighters, helicopters, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV),

Strela-10M has participated in the Gulf War (1991) and the Kosovo War (1999) with quite good performance fighter, shot down on the spot and wounded many Allied aircraft (and allied NATO), the most is to search and destroy aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt increase.


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