18 Agustus 2016

Indonesia Interest in BT-3F Amphibious Tracked APC

18 Agustus 2016

The prototype of armored BT-3F (photos : BMPD)

Appearance of armored BT-3F

Russia created the first prototype of the new tracked armored BT-3F (full name - an armored personnel carrier on the basis of the BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicle). The machine was developed by the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building member of Russia`s Tractor Plants Concern (Russian acronym: TZ, Traktornie Zavody)

The prototype of BT-3F in amphibious capability (photos : BMPD)

As stated earlier this year in an interview with "Moscow Defense Brief" Deputy General Director - Head of Export & current planning KTZ Alexey Losev, GTC at its own expense has designed and developed for the BT-3F, and a prototype is planned to show the exhibition of arms "Army 2016". According to him, Indonesia has already expressed interest in this machine.

About the BT-3F is a tracked armored vehicle floating airtransportable, having weapons, armor protection and high maneuverability. Purpose Machine - to increase mobility and protection of the marine units and units of ground forces.

Scale model of new Russian-made BT-3F tracked APC (photo : model16)

On the roof of the armored conveyor is installed remotely-controlled weapon station ABS-T with a machine gun 7.62 mm. To observe the terrain and sighting combat module is equipped with a body - a thermal imager with a laser rangefinder. In the future, can be installed virtually any remotely-controlled weapon stations with a machine gun 12.7 mm, 14.5 mm and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

Indonesia operates BTR-50 series for Marines and need for replacement (photo : Kaskus Militer)

Large internal volume of the crew compartment can increase the number of transported paratroopers to 14 people or more to ensure a comfortable stay, use BT-3F to transport a large amount of goods, supplies, equipment, and equipment placement when using armored personnel carriers in as a point of control and intelligence.


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