11 Agustus 2016

Thailand Confirms Receipt of New Chinese RA3 Anti-Artillery Radar

10 Agustus 2016

RA3 artillery radar (photo : Thailand Artillery Regiment Marine Corps)

The Thailand Ministry of Defence has confirmed that it is receiving new RA3 Artillery Locating and Fire Correction Radar, developed by China North Industries Corporation (officially abbreviated as Norinco).

The new RA3 anti-artillery radar by Norinco was spotted during official visit  at  Artillery Brigade Camp in Mueang Lopburi District. 

The Norinco RA3 Radar is a Chinese active electronically scanned array counter-battery radar designed to locate hostile artillery, rocket and ground-to-ground missile launchers immediately after firing, and to support friendly artillery by guiding counter-battery fire.

The basic version been mounted on a Dongfang EQ2102 truck (photo : Norinco)

RA3 radar can also be applied in adjusting firing of friendly weapons or rockets. With a slight modification to software parameters, the radar can also be used to detect and track low flying targets such as light aircraft, helicopters and RPVs.

In addition, it is equipped with an optical infrared system and sound measuring systems that enable Chinese troops to discover an enemy’s stealth attack.

RA3 systems have been mounted on a Volvo FM 400 chassis.


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